Who is Zoom Fiber?


Zoom Fiber is a local, family owned business based right here in De Soto. The owners have lived here in De Soto, within the “Underserved” area (South of K-10), for almost 20 years and know firsthand the issues with obtaining access to reliable high speed Internet.

Zoom Fiber is in the process of rolling out WORLD CLASS Internet options for the residents of De Soto. 200 Megabit, 500Megabit, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and beyond! You better buckle up!

We are excited to provide some new Internet options for our City. If you choose to get service from Zoom Fiber you can rest assured, we use the exact same system you do. So, in the event of a service disruption, you can bet we will be working on it, our good name and reputation rides on your satisfaction!

How fast is Zoom Fiber?

Check out the chart below to see the difference fiber makes.

Zoom Fiber Pricing

Fast and affordable?! What a great combination!

Residential Internet Service Offerings


Small Business Internet Service Offerings


If you are looking for Enterprise Service Offerings, please give us a call at 913.583.0050.  We would be happy to work with you and your staff to understand your goals and design solutions that meet your needs.

Where will Zoom Fiber be available?

Zoom Fiber is in the process of bringing gigabit Internet service to the entire De Soto area. We would love to know if you are interested in Zoom fiber service! Please fill out our sign-up form (no payment is required) to give us an idea of what neighborhoods should be first for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a 100% fiber network so special?
Because we have the advantage of building the network from scratch, we have the opportunity to build it on a modern platform (IE, Fiber).  We are not relying on old and outdated technology like the Cable and Phone companies have in the ground and hanging from telephone poles.  Simply put, we are building the network the way these legacy companies would want to build it if they could build their networks today!

In reality, it all comes down to bandwidth and scalability! A fiber optic network uses hair thin strands of glass, to transmit beams of light over great distances. These beams carry unprecedented amounts of data— so much more than DSL or cable— directly to homes and businesses. Because light travels faster than any other power source, fiber optics makes everything faster. Uploading, downloading and speeds are all improved because fiber optics sends information with the speed of light.

The legacy communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal.

Are there Data Caps?
Nope! As long as it is legal, feel free to use the super-fast connection to your hearts content.
Are there Service Contracts for Residential Service?

No, there are no Service Contracts for Residential Service.

We believe in treating Customers like we would want to be treated.  If you are not happy with our Service, we do not want to force you to keep our Service.

What if my house is beyond the standard install distance of 200' from the road?
If the distance from your house to the road (or where our service lines are located) is beyond 200′; each situation is a little bit different, but generally plan on about $.50 a foot.
Do I need to purchase additional equipment to utilize your service?
Not likely, we even supply a WIFI router that we manage for you.
Will I notice the difference with your super fast fiber network with my technology?
Almost certainly, however, this depends on what technology you have today. Each of our residential and small business offerings include our managed WIFI routers, these are the latest technology so all your wireless devices can utilize this and will definitely notice the speed.
Will you use the existing wiring at my house/business or install new wiring?
This depends on the wiring at your house. Our service requires that we bring Fiber optic cables into the house/business to our equipment. Our equipment has Ethernet ports on it as well as Wifi, so if you have high quality Ethernet cables (Cat 5e or Cat 6), you will likely be able to use those.
Do you offer Television?
We actually recommend streaming services, after all you have massive amounts of data at your disposal! There are many streaming options available, including Hulu, Youtube TV, SlingTV, Playstation Vue, etc. In fact, most of these offer a free 7 day trial and month to month pricing, so you aren’t locked into a long term contract and virtually everybody saves money using these solutions.

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