Zoom Fiber has started the build out in your neighborhood!

For all of those that signed up early, you made this happen and we heard you loud and clear! Now for the rest of you that were waiting to see if we were really coming to your neighborhood, now is the time to sign up! We will be installing Mainline, then shortly behind the mainline we will be installing drop conduit to the houses of those that have signed up. If you don’t sign up, we will not bring service to your house and it will likely be quite a while before we will come back and add service…so don’t miss your chance! Sign up now if you want our World Class Internet Service: https://www.zoomfiber.com!

Please note, this is not a small undertaking and it will be a bit before service is available AND the weather will play a significant role in our production capability. So, while we would love to work only in Spring, Summer and Fall weather, we decided we are going to get rolling on it now! Let’s all keep our collective fingers crossed for reasonable weather this Winter!!

We will do our very best to clean up after ourselves and treat your yard and the City’s Right of Way (ROW) in front of your house as we would want somebody to treat ours. Of course, there will be messes, but please be patient with us, we will clean up as we go. If you have concerns about the construction, please let us know!