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Do you see what is missing?

If you have ever wondered how Utilities get damaged, this image is a perfect example of what could have been a MAJOR outage. If you look at the picture, you will see the fenced off hole, fresh dirt around the hole, tracks from an excavator, but it is what you don’t see that is really troubling to us!

This company chose to dig directly on top of our infrastructure without following the laws. The Kansas Statues dictate that any excavation is required to be proceeded by a request to 811 to allow Utilities to locate underground lines. This company chose to ignore the laws and could have easily cost themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars and would have taken out vital Internet services for thousands and thousands of people.

No doubt accidents happen and utilities can and will get damaged even by the most vigilant crews, but digging without even an attempt to follow the laws appears to be willful negligence.

So as a public service announcement, remember to call before you dig!   Call 811!

Alright De Meadows, you asked for it!

Zoom Fiber has started the build out in your neighborhood!

For all of those that signed up early, you made this happen and we heard you loud and clear! Now for the rest of you that were waiting to see if we were really coming to your neighborhood, now is the time to sign up! We will be installing Mainline, then shortly behind the mainline we will be installing drop conduit to the houses of those that have signed up. If you don’t sign up, we will not bring service to your house and it will likely be quite a while before we will come back and add service…so don’t miss your chance! Sign up now if you want our World Class Internet Service:!

Please note, this is not a small undertaking and it will be a bit before service is available AND the weather will play a significant role in our production capability. So, while we would love to work only in Spring, Summer and Fall weather, we decided we are going to get rolling on it now! Let’s all keep our collective fingers crossed for reasonable weather this Winter!!

We will do our very best to clean up after ourselves and treat your yard and the City’s Right of Way (ROW) in front of your house as we would want somebody to treat ours. Of course, there will be messes, but please be patient with us, we will clean up as we go. If you have concerns about the construction, please let us know!

Orchard Drive

Gigabit Internet is coming to Orchard drive!  While you have probably seen us putting in our mainline conduit on Lexington, we have also been busy planning the next neighborhoods to go into.  We received a great response from Orchard Drive on Pre-signup, so it only made sense to get this one done!

If you want Gigabit in YOUR neighborhood, signup on, we prioritize neighborhoods based on interest!

Are there really two different fiber companies doing a build-out in De Soto?

Yes, at least South of K-10, we call it – COOPETITION


  • collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results.

In the first half of 2018 , the City of De Soto released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Gigabit Internet service throughout the City Limits. The RFP focused special attention on the areas within City Limits that are South of K-10 (see Map) as those areas are at a significant disadvantage because they have no Internet service options from the incumbent telephone (AT&T) and cable companies (Spectrum). These companies have chosen to avoid building out in this area due to the limited number of potential customers and the distance between these customers. As a result of this, the City offered a Financial Incentive to help offset the build out costs for this portion of the City. Three companies responded to the RFP: Spectrum, RG Fiber and Zoom Fiber.

RG Fiber was awarded the contract and Financial Incentive to perform the buildout, due in part, to a provision within the proposal which allows for competitors to utilize additional conduits installed during the buildout.

The City encouraged Zoom Fiber to lease the additional conduits and has signed a lease agreement with Zoom Fiber to work along side RG Fiber on the South side of K-10 Highway.  This will give residents the choice between two different service providers!

Zoom Fiber is not getting any Financial Incentives from the City, instead, we are building and paying for this ourselves.

Both Zoom Fiber and RG Fiber will be operating in the areas in blue.

Who is Zoom Fiber?

Zoom Fiber is a local, family owned business based right here in De Soto. The owners have lived here in De Soto within the “Underserved” area, (South of K-10) for almost 20 years and know firsthand the issues with getting access to reliable high speed Internet.

Zoom Fiber will be rolling out WORLD CLASS Internet options for the residents of De Soto. 100 Megabit, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and beyond! You better buckle up!

We are excited there will be some Internet options for our City! If you choose to get service from Zoom Fiber you can rest assured, we use the exact same system you do. So, in the event of a service disruption, you can bet we will be working on it, our good name and reputation rides on your satisfaction!